Emilie. 17. UK. Formula 1. Superheroes. Music. Glyndwr university. Forensic science undergraduate.


  1. jodilouisexo said: looks fab!
  2. homophagy said: SEW NEYCE!
  3. dogchasingcars said: ME GUSTA :):):)
  4. amyisdreaming said: bloody hell Em, i didn’t even recognise you. It looks amazing :) You so beautiful.
  5. tutti-fruity-reject said: My hair is very jealous! x
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    My friend Emilie is so beautiful Gah the jealousy
  7. myrelationshipwithformula1 said: Aww baby!! YOU LOOK SO SO CUTE!!!!!!!! <3
  8. beauty-at-matrix said: Hey that’s perfect! You’re nice :)
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